The opinion that homemade food is always better than restaurant food has long been a thing of the past. Of course, we got used to the delivery of rolls and pizza a long time ago, but it’s not for every day, you say, but only on holidays or weekends, a couple of times a month. We agree that if your usual dinner is pizza, then you can forget about a slim figure.

In the meantime, food delivery services have come a long way. It seems that now we can order everything from black caviar to lotus root or banana leaves. Of course, sophisticated gourmets can try all the delights of fashionable deliveries. but smaller cities are trying to keep up, and resourceful entrepreneurs are opening new delivery services with an original assortment of dishes.

Delivery of pizza, rolls, pies, noodles

The most familiar and dear. One call – and in 1.5 hours (sometimes less) you are enjoying hot pizza or delicious rolls. The choice of sets and types of pizza or pies is huge, and there are thousands of delivery services.

Delivery of ready meals (from restaurants)

As we said, pizza and rolls are not all that can bring you home. It is unlikely that you will cook shrimp tartare after a long day at work, but here everything is ready-made, fresh and delicious. Listening to music is a great way to pass time while waiting for your delivery. You can download music using a clipconverter to get the songs.

Healthy food delivery according to an individual nutrition program

Just imagine

you will be fed 5 times a day. Now you do not need to think about breakfast, lunch, dinner and buy chocolates for a snack. Every morning (or every evening) a courier will bring you a special set of healthy and healthy meals for the whole day. Miracles, right?

Moreover, the delivery service develops an individual catering program for you, taking into account your needs. For example, you want to lose weight: keep a low-calorie menu for two weeks. You want to eat healthy, but keep the same weight: you will be offered a balanced and nutritious diet for an unlimited number of days.

Most of the services provide advice to a nutritionist

based on his recommendations, the service composes your diet. All calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates are calculated in advance, you do not need to worry that this nut or a piece of chicken will be superfluous – no, it will not, everything is done as it should.

Services for the delivery of healthy food are not suitable for permanent use

it will be quite expensive to feed the whole family, and it’s somehow strange: there is always something out of the box. But for those who want to lose weight, bringing their figure back to normal is perhaps the ideal option.