towing a food truckMost food truck operators prefer to call a provider of professional towing in san jose rather than take risks by loading their food truck or trailer to their vehicle. Mindful of different circumstances and conditions, the majority of the food truck owners in the city know that towing a loaded trailer is not without challenges when moving on the road.
Apparently, towing a mobile kitchen trailer or a food truck is not an easy feat because professional tow truck drivers consider the weight limits, ensure proper loading and use the correct hitching system to guarantee safe transport.

Why Do-It-Yourself Towing of a Mobile Kitchen Trailer is Not Advisable?

Many have the misconception that their vehicle is robust enough to carry out the towing task safely as long as they load the trailer properly. Yet proper loading is not a guarantee for safe transport when travelling on the road because of the following:
Roads in San Jose have steep inclines, low bridges and sharp turns.

Towing companies in the city use a GPS or a mapping tool when making route plans, especially when about to tow larger trailers or vehicles. That way, they can minimize chances of encountering heavy traffic and potential road hazards when making their way to a customer’s trusted repair shop.

Prioritize Safety by Considering the Different Elements that Can Impact Safe Transport

truck driving in dangerous roadssA reputable San Jose towing company prioritizes safety above everything else, by considering the rating or the towing capacity of its tow truck. Towing capacity is based on several factors such as the size and weight of the engine, the brake size and the conditions of the tires.

Prior to hooking up a food truck or loading a mobile kitchen to the tow truck, the truck driver makes it a point to check the rating by basing the information on the manufacturer’s towing guide.
Towing company drivers and operators periodically make a stop to check the chains, the hitch and other devices connecting the trailer to the truck. They also check the doors, windows and equipment inside the food truck trailer if still properly secured.

Towing operations tend to slow down in windy conditions, because the tow truck driver has to reduce speed while keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel. He has to maintain alertness during windy conditions since such a phenomenon can come out of nowhere.
In San Jose, high winds can have a level of strength that makes it advisable to delay the transport of the food truck or trailer to avoid the hazards of unsafe driving conditions.

Another important component that tow truck operators check are the lighting appurtenances of the towing truck and the mobile kitchen trailer. It’s important to ensure all lights, including turn signals, brake lights and running lights are functioning properly.