The average gamer’s food options would make any dietician swoon. The combination of mindlessly gorging on too much salt, fats, and carbs together with the inactive nature of video gaming just doesn’t bode well for your overall health. While you find more info on PillarOfGaming and start playing, better prepare a healthy snack first.

Healthy food for PillarOfGaming players

Toasted pita bread

Okay, before you pound it, try cutting pita bread into triangles, quickly coat them with nonstick spray, and add seasonings as desired, then pop them in the oven for 12-15 minutes Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you reach the desired crunch, they take on the wonderfully addictive crunch of the chips, and you can dip them in hummus or mashed avocados for that next level of flavor. Plus, the chickpeas in hummus offer something the nacho cheese chips don’t. They offer extra nutrients and fiber that helps control blood cholesterol levels.


Mixed nuts with dried fruits

Cookies taste amazing, but offer no nutritional value and are likely to cause some frustration when the crumbs chip off your keyboard or lap.

Choose mixed nuts with dried fruits for that savory and sweet combo. The nuts match the slight crunch of cookies and contain a similar macronutrient profile. Although most nuts seem to promote health, researchers at Tufts University found that walnuts may have particularly beneficial effects on brain function and memory due to their higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

String cheese and beef jerky

Gooey fake cheese on tortilla chips is nacho’s best bet for a mess-free snacking and gaming session, anyway. Spreadable cheese and ground beef are less of a problem, provide plenty of nourishing protein to have you feeling full longer, and help you get through clutch situations. If you go the extra mile, you can easily melt the cheese on the beef jerky to make the combo a lot more similar to high-protein nachos.

Hard-boiled eggs

Although eggs get a bad hit for being associated with an increased risk for heart disease, eggs are, in general, healthy as long as you’re healthy. However, research from this Diabetes Care study warns those with metabolic disorders, such as type 2 diabetes, to be a little more cautious. In most cases, healthy individuals don’t need to worry about the cholesterol in egg yolks.